Fri. May 27th, 2022

OpenStreetMap Claims Apple Is Using Their Outdated Map in iPhoto

Since the Apple has done with its new iPad launch event, and introduction of new products in the public we come across to know multiple things about the upcoming products like the introduction of new features in the iOS 5.1, and the launches of new applications especially for the iOS devices. Yesterday, Apple has released the iPhoto for the iOS devices with universal access on all the devices right from iPad to iPhone. It appears that many users quickly grab the Apple’s iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone to give a quick review of the application, and in the application users come to know an interesting upcoming change in the iOS.

It is reported that Apple has just skipped the Google Maps data on its iPhoto features of displaying the geo-tag of the images that quickly pulls the exact location of the image, where it was taken. But now, it is reported that Apple has replaced the iOS Map data with some unknown source data without any proper announcement of new Map data integration. Firstly, it was rumored that Apple has start pushing out its own Map data for the iPhoto application, as the Cupertino Company has recently purchased three Mapping startup companies around the world with amazing capabilities.


However, in an update to the earlier claims we come across to know that Apple has not publishes its own Map data, instead they are using the open-source OpenStreetMap data in their iPhoto application for the iPhone and iPad. The folks over the OpenStreetMap has just publishes a blog post claiming that Apple is now using their map data, and also told the media that Apple is using the outdated map data for their iPhoto. In addition to the initial claim of the map data usage, the head over OpenStreetMap has claimed that Apple has not yet contacted them for the use of their data on such scale, and hints that there is already a fair usage policy on their open-source data, on which they seek for credit on the use of their data in iOS devices.



On the other side, it is reported that Apple has been also thinking to launch their own mapping data service exclusively for their own devices, and wants to cut out their private contract with Google over the usage of their Map Data for the iOS devices, and in-return gave them a free publicity in the every other iOS devices.