Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

OnLive Desktop Brings Flash & Adobe Acrobat On iPad

If you remember, last month, we have previewed a new application and service from OnLive for iPad users that aims to provide you PC experience on your device. OnLive introduced OnLive Desktop application with service that streams virtual Windows PC loaded with Microsoft Office applications, and other basic Windows instances, and allow users to use it for their work and store documents on cloud with OnLive servers. Today, right after a month of their service launch, OnLive is introduced a new paid package to iPad users with some extra features on their virtual desktops right from the OnLive Desktop servers, and called the new feature as “Desktop Plus”.

Desktop Plus is subscription-based services that aim to provide virtual desktop experience with Adobe Acrobat Reader support, and powered with Flash supported browsers on the virtual PC’s that indirectly allowed users to play flash on their iPad right from OnLive Desktop virtual servers. Desktop Plus also gives some priority base access to the users with the service on OnLive Desktop app for iPad, and is priced at $4.99 / month. OnLive Desktop service is rolled out to all OnLive Desktop users, and it depends on them to subscribe or ignore it.

While testing the original OnLive Desktop Plus package on our device, we have noticed a little lag in the service experience on our device, while browsing through the documents and web pages quickly on our device, but as well as noticed that OnLive Desktop Plus provide decent viewing of Flash video content on the web through their OnLive Desktop virtual servers. OnLive Desktop offering 2GB of space on their servers for free of cost to the users, but it is reported that team will expand their offering of features on the OnLive Desktop soon with addition of new users and new package on OnLive Dekstop.