Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Makes $5 Million With 1 Million User On iPhoto For iOS In 10 Days

Apple has released its new iPhoto application for the iOS earlier this month after the introduction of the new third-generation iPad in the public at the announcement event. The iPhoto for iOS application is lands in the App Store for $4.99 and available to download for the iPhone and iPad devices. It is now reported that Apple’s iPhoto has just reached the 1 million users in the 10 days, with the exclusive hype of the next generation iPad 3 support and graphics for the older gen devices. iPhoto for iOS is seems to be especially designed by Apple to kick out the third-party apps from the App Store and start a competition over their App Store for the best photo-editing application on the App Store for the iOS devices.

It is reported by Loop Insight today that the Apple’s new iPhoto for iOS application has just hit the 1 million users in the first 10 days from its launch. In short, Apple has just made around $4,990,000 with its iPhoto for iOS application in the ten days from its App Store, and as well as is getting the application the hottest application of the App Store at the moment. While, on the other hand, the iPad 3 users are already spending their most of time on the App Store in the search for best applications and games for the iPad.

However, the iPhoto for iOS comes earlier this March, and as well as carries a little restriction over the jailbroken users, as Apple set its minimum OS requirement to iOS 5.1, but still it appears that a large number of users ditched their jailbroken status for the iPhoto for iOS and joined the Apple’s party on the iOS 5.1. iPhoto for iOS is a great application and runs perfectly on both iPad and iPhone, and provides the great multi-touch interface to users for browsing, editing, and sharing photos from your iOS devices.