Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Once Again, New iMac’s Rumored To Be Launching In June

Yet another report comes from the publication is claiming that Apple is planning to launch its updated iMac 2012 models in June with the Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors, which actually delayed the launch of the new Mac machines launch this year. The report comes from the Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, who believes that Apple is surely going to introduce its next-generation iMac 2012 models along with other Mac machines somewhere in June, a bit later than an earlier expected date who claims the device is coming in the end of this month with exclusive availability of the Ivy Bridge Processor.


The rumor mill is also suggesting that Foxconn is also going to play a key role in the production of these new Mac updates, and Apple is also rumored to be featuring a new Mac with anti-reflective glass for the new updated Macs. The new update to Macbook series also claimed that Apple will only update the 13 and 15-inch Macbook Pro models, and the new design is rumored to be looks a like Macbook Air.

However, the publication has a no-good track in the past in breaking latest update about the Apple’s upcoming products. The launch of the new update Mac series is totally depended on the availability of the next-generation Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, as it is reported that Apple delayed the launch of updated models twice this year.