Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Official SIRI App Gets Pulled From Android Market By Google

New year seems to be a good day for fans of Apple and iPhone 4S. Two days back we reported that the official SIRI App has landed in the android market and was available for download. The App launched in the Android Market was totally the imitation of official SIRI of iPhone 4S. The App used the same icon and name of SIRI.

SIRI for Adnroid

The SIRI App for android was released by a company called Official Software. The Apps from Official Software has been disappeared from the market, as noted by PC World. Now we cannot see any single App by Official Software people in the Android Market. It seems that the account of Official Software has been banned or deleted by Google.

This is ain’t the first time Android Market Apps turned the imitation of SIRI by Apple. In past a French Developer hacked into Apple’s server to to enable software running on other mobile phone platforms to duplicate Siri’s feats.

How ever, after this shameful move by Official Software people, Google should put on limitations or should come up with some sort of approvals like Apple for their Apps in order to prevent piracy and the rights of other company software’s.

Thanks to Dheeraj for the heads up.