Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Official JailbreakMe 3.0 Released For iPad 2 Jailbreak By Comex

After a lot of hurdles finally we got our hands on the first iPad 2 jailbreak, last night we have some shit head iPad 2 jailbreak tester leaks the unreleased PDF file of iPad 2 jailbreak, which later reported as a buggy and corrupted file of jailbreak, by releasing such unreleased jailbreak cause the new update of iOS from Apple, it is also rumored by several iOS Jailbreak developers that Apple will soon release iOS 4.3.4 to patch the Comex Userland exploit jailbreak for iPad 2.

But still Comex has managed to release his jailbreak for the public, but still with the jailbreak we recommend you to first save your SHSH blobs of iOS 4.3.3 and don’t update your device to iOS 4.3.4 because there is no jailbreak for the updated version of iOS.


This guide and tutorial will show you how to use JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Obviously, most people won’t need this tutorial because JailbreakMe is pretty straightforward.

Important: Don’t forget to patch the vulnerability after jailbreaking. Download PDF Patcher2 from Cydia. This exploit is dangerous.

So follow the tutorial Below:

Step 1:

Make you your iPhone is backed up in iTunes, in case something goes wrong.

Step 2:

From your iPhone/iPad 2/iPod Touch/iPad 1, go to

Step 3:

Now Download the Jailbreak

Step 4:

Sit back, relax. JailbreakMe will be downloaded to your iPhone and will work its magic. When done, a pop up will tell you that Cydia has been installed.


That’s it. Nothing to download to your computer.

He just again put the jailbreak down, because of some critical error.

Update X2: is back again, now you can jailbreak your iPad 2 all models and other iOS devices on iOS 4.3.3