Fri. Apr 16th, 2021 gets Blocked For iPad Safari

Today a News Corp known as New York Post today blocked the access of users of iPad via Safari. As noted by some users the on iPad safari doesn’t directs you to the content, but it says:

Thanks for coming! editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App. If you are a current New York Post App subscriber, please visit the App Store and download the latest version to access through the INDEX. If you are not a current New York Post App user and would like to subscribe, please download from theApp Store. Thank you.

The subscription are 6.99$ per month, 39.99$ for 6 months or 79.99$ for the Year.

The best thing is that the same link is working with Opera Mini for iPad.

Lets see what Apple has to say about this thing. The link also works on Honey Comb and Android also.