Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

NowPlaying For Tweetbot tweak, Allows To Share Now Playing Track Title On Twitter

Few weeks ago, a new twitter client “Tweetbot” released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this app is come with a lot of new functions and abilities, but some pro users still found that the developers of Tweetbot missed some functions like “Now Playing Sharing” share a title of track which plays on your device with your Twitter followers and now today we finally got a tweak named “NowPlaying For Tweetbot” by Filippo Bigarella, available in cydia which allows adds the function track title sharing in Tweetbot.

This tweak simply add a button in Tweetbot with the icon musical note, just pressed the button for sharing the title of current track running on your device, it adds the title of song with hash tag of # NowPlaying. You can download NowPlaying for Tweetbot from ModMyI repo in cydia.