Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Now You Can Play On PSN 3.66 Online Servers With CFW 3.55 Via Sony Hidden Server

Now you can connect to PSN 3.66 online servers on your firmware 3.55 by connecting to a Sony hidden server. This could be a temporary solution, but you can play your favourite games online while staying on CFW 3.55 like kmaew.Obviosly this isn’t a safe method, but provides what PlayStation users need.

Hackers have managed to find hidden features inside PS3 using a bunch of recently released hacking tools. PS3hax published how to do this:

HACKDEPS3 explains how to do it:

step 1: rebug 3.55.2 with the update pkg

step 2: qa token

step 3: change network setting under debug to rc

step 4: create new user use the quick sign up

well that’s how i done it about 12pm last night, have not tested a lot because my internet got cut off last night after (i use next doors wifi lol)

His second post:

Ok what i meant change np to rc the same place in debug setting you got to have the qa token flag to get on this network. oh yea you can also add funds fake card gives you 150 bucks for online content rebug might need to patch some stuff to make it all work can download nextflix and playstation home if had the right patches for this it might work all the way…

That’s were y’all come in get… This thing working fully.

i never said anything about dual setting and yes put rc in the np enviroment?

His third post:

NP Environment

Edit the environment variable to connect to the network of your choice.


np : retail network.

sp-int : developers network.

prod-qa : production quality assurance network.”

Note : There are other networks than debugs can access but only QA flagged consoles can connect to them (mgmt, rc, etc…).

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