Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Now You Can Download Not-Available Apps From The App Store

The WWDC keynote comes up with really amazing new things, such as release of iOS 5 and the detailed preview of its amazing new feature, if you have watched or watching the WWDC then you must know about it, Apple has just announced the new feature of App Store, a new tab in the App Store with name of “Purchased”, basically the works of this app to line up the all applications, games, tweaks which you have purchased recently on your device. But as noted by some of our reader, the “Purchased” tab also features the hidden thing, which Apple didn’t mentioned in the keynote, So with the new tab of “Purchased” you can also download, install and run those applications too which are not available now in the App Store, Like the original Tweetie.

Well, the tweetie original does not work anymore, due to Twitter’s changing in their API, but this feature will let you to download those apps which have missed just because of some reasons, we think this might be temporarily glitch at the Apple’s side, and will cover soon.