Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Now Get Seconds On The Clock At Lock Screen By ClockSeconds

So the fifth tweak lands of the TweakWeeks.. Andrea Oliva and Ryan Petrich are working hard and are devloping a tweak everyday according to the rules of TweakWeek. Well below is the list of tweaks released in TweakWeek

  1. SBVolume
  2. LabelSlide
  3. RemovedSound
  4. PlayingLyrics
This is the fifth tweak of the TweakWeek named ClockSeconds. Well this tweak is interesting for some people and notĀ interestingĀ for some.
I guess you have seen/got it what are we trying to say !! Yes this tweak will finally add seconds to your time at lock screen. So I guess you like it and want it, so no wasting of time and furiously grab this tweak fromthe following repository of Andrea Oliva