Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Now Facebook Messenger Shows Who Reads Your Message

There have been many rumors and news about Facebook Messenger these days. The latest one is that it now shows who all reads your messages. In the effort to remove some challenges that were linked with the text based interaction, the social networking giant Facebook has recently updated iOS as well as Android versions of its Messenger. Indeed, the Messenger is the cross platform messaging application of the social network.

What’s the change?

The latest or Version 1.7 of FB Messenger for Android and iPhone now keeps the interactions very easy and flowing between the friends. The application easily lets you be aware of who sees your messages and offers you the change to see where the friends in your contact list are actually messaging you from. More so, the latest features include more visible and easy typing indicator that seems to be like real time typing.

Features to take note of

In fact the most beneficial and useful feature in Messenger is “seen by” highlighter or indicator that helps the users see which of their friends have actually read their messages. It actually acts as the read receipt in case of iMessage and BBM. Also, it comes handy while chatting with the groups of friends. But sorry, fibbers, it does not necessarily mean that you can not plead ignorance on messages that you have read.

A source from the social networking site reported that the Messenger clients for Android and iOS make the messaging process conversational and easy and that too when you need to message the text groups or sets of friends while you are traveling.

All these details come in really handy while you try to arrange some impromptu get in place and together. The latest additions by FB are in fact more of sharing huge by performing less.

Enjoy to the fullest with Facebook Messenger additions

Definitely, one may sacrifice privacy to get better conversation features and easy exchanges with people you want to. Location sharing, on top of it, is always optional for all those who do not wish to reveal their actual location.

Some other features and changes are also the little touches that are there to make the interaction process more fluid and contextual. App type and location indicators for example show the users when some friend messages from near or even far as there is the included map.

Use now and take the advantage

So, go ahead and use the latest features now on Facebook Messenger and stay connected with your friends easily., check you sees your messages and a lot more with the enhanced and advanced features.