Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Now Change Discs On your Xbox 360 Using This Real Disc Changer Created By Ben Heck

A real hardcore gamer doesn’t even want to get off his couch for adding a new disc to the console for letting him play the rest of the day. But those who still have to get up to put in a disc into the DVD tray have now no reason to waste their time, as the hardware Modder Ben Heck has engineered a machine that automatically pops a looked-for disc into the DVD tray at the user’s input.

The mod has been engineered using the Xbox 360 whose hard drive space doesn’t allow a hardcore gamer to Store all the 3000+ game titles under one roof. The disc changer comprises of a disc carousel where all the discs are placed and that which is itself attached to the Xbox 360. Ben Heck describes:

Let’s face it – everyone calls us video gamers lazy. Not true, of course. I’m sure it’s just a ‘coincidence’ that this particular build has been one of the more popular requests we’ve gotten for the show,

This mod was howcased on the last episode of the Ben Heck’s Show which describes the process of building a disc changer.

Here, at Freakgeeks, we’ve posted this whole episode for you to watch and enjoy changing disc while you’re sitting at your couch…