Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Notificator Lets You Customize iOS System Events With Banners & Sounds

How do you feel, if your device start keeping you update about all the current going tasks on your device with a little banner notification? I guess it would be awesome to receive a little banner notification from your iPhone / iPad whenever it completes or done with any task. There is a new tweak out there to provide you such functionality on your device, like if you have left your device with a hug sized application or game download, and want to keep your self updated with the downloading progress, the tweak will helps you in keeping updated with your device tasks. It will quickly update you once the downloading of such game or app completes on your device with a little banner notification using iOS 5 notification system.


Notificator is a new tweak soon to be launched in the Cydia Store that can do such thing for you on your devices with a quick settings of the tweak from the Settings.app of your device. There are around eight different system events that can be customized with the tweak quick banner notification system to keep you updated about your device. The tweak is pretty simple for your device, and aims to keep yourself updated along with the device running tasks and their progress. But the developer behind the tweak is claimed that his new tweak will be launched soon in the Cydia sometime in the next week, and it will cost you about $0.99. Notificator is said to be launched soon and available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

So what do you think about this tweak? Is it useful for you or not?