Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Nokia With Windows Phone 7 Leaked, Code Named As “Sea Ray”

Yeah folks after a lot of time we get some actual bombarding leak… Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia said all of his employees to settle down and have a look of a new device, code named as “Sea Ray”. He also said before his saying’s that “No Pictures Please” because he didn’t wanted to leak the big story.

It’s a leak not a official revelation, and one more interesting story is that this was revealed by a Hungarian Blog Named “Tech Net Blog”, the write of this post claimed that he got a spam at the morning in his mail┬ácontaining┬áthe link of this video :/ Talking to his employees he also claimed some of the specs. such as

  • Made Of Plastic
  • Gorilla Display
  • Pillow Shaped Backing
  • 8 MP Camera



Well guys it means we will be having a new Nokia device running Windows Phone 7 coming in Fall or after Fall… So hit the video of Stephen Elop below revealing the new Nokia


Video Credit [WinRumors]