Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Nokia N9 Appeared on Ad, 12MP Camera Shown [Video]

Apple just planned to work on iPhone 5 and some specs of the iPhone 5 were leaked. Apple was just thinking to make a move, but Nokia made a move and will be giving a tough competition to Apple.

Thanks to Pocketnow for sharing the video of the first Nokia’s Meego phone which was expected to come.

According to gadgethelpline Nokia upcoming N9 will have these Features:

Through extensive scrutinising of the video we’ve noted a few things. On the back of the N9 we see a 12MP Carl Zeiss camera with Tessar lens – that will make for some beautiful snaps. There’s also Nokia (Ovi) Maps and something called Ovi Drive which can be seen in the main menu. We’ve not heard of Ovi Drive before, the icon points towards something traffic or navigation-based. Perhaps traffic update system to complement Nokia Maps.



The design for the phone is the same as the old one which was N8. Well Nokia has planned to show up with a 12 MP Camera and some rumors suggest that Apple will show up with 8MP Camera in the upcoming iPhone 4S / iPhone 5?