Wed. May 25th, 2022

No USB Stick For OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, Only Download

I think its bad for some folks but for most of people around don’t even give a damn about this. Apple last year when OS X Lion 10.7 released Apple on there website said that they for the non internet users will release a USB stick and which they released and it costed for $69. One year actually hasn’t passed when we saw the OS X Lion 10.7 boarded publicly.

Days before we say the new step to Mac systems, the new advanced OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 revealed and it had a lot of good features including Messages, iCloud, Notes, Reminders, Game Center. Notification Center and Gate Keeper.

Engadget have shown out that OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 will not release on USB Sticks and it will be only downloaded from the Mac App Store. Apple said on there new decision

It was an interesting test, but it turns out the App Store was just fine for getting the new OS.

Well every one around the globe have an internet connection so making odd decisions won’t work out so the new step of Apple to discontinue the shipment of the USB Stick will be better but no one has any clue that will they stop for OS X Lion 10.7 to ship or not.