Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

No Update: Protects Your Device From iOS OTA Updates (Jailbreak Tweak)

Updates to every software and hardware brings the latest interesting stuff to the original device and layout, and just like everything the iOS updates also bring new features, obstacles, restrictions, features and hurdles for the iOS hackers that prevent them from producing the successful jailbreak exploits to spoof iOS security. We all clearly know that iOS is the most securest operating system out there in public at the time, and Apple is actively working to make it more secure and powerful than other mobile operating systems available in a market on the open-source license. However, the iOS users love to jailbreak their devices to modify them according to their requirements and thanks to the pre-active developer’s community that bring latest features to the iOS platform day-after-day.

We have seen many users argue that they have accidentally updated their device to the latest firmware version without even knowing the pros and cons of the new update and now losses their jailbreak status and stuck on the stock iOS with their iPhone and iPad devices, and many of them start looking for such tricks that prevent their devices from accessing the network to check for the new updates. With the new iOS 5, Apple has introduced the over-the-air updates, and completely turns the iOS devices into PC-Free devices, as users no more needed to connect their devices to iTunes in order to update iOS firmware versions.

But the new OTA updates are more dangerous for the users who are using their devices on reliable baseband unlocks, and jailbreaks, as most of the users are not aware actually from these updates and to remove update banners from their home screen they press down the update iOS firmware version, and after the whole process knows that they have screwed their devices. However, to those users, we have today figured out a new jailbreak tweak called “No Update” that prevents your device from accessing the network to check OTA updates on your device, and spoof original device information to the Apple’s server, so they no more provide any iOS update on the user’s devices.

No Update is available in Cydia for free of cost, and you can download it directly on your device using the Cydia’s default repository of ModMyi. No Update is available in a repository for free of cost, and looks a handy tweak that helps you in preventing your device from accessing the OTA updates.