Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

No New MacBook Air Will Come Out Until The Release Of Mac OS X Lion

Arrival of new MacBook Air’s rumored many times back in few weeks, the most recent rumor is that Apple will kick out the refreshed series of MacBook Air’s but later the source take its word back, and the arrival of MacBook Air remained in the black. But now according to the report of Apple Insider, Apple has decided to hold the launch of new MacBook Air’s until the launch of Mac OS X Lion, as we know they already confirmed in the keynote of WWDC that Mac OS X Lion will come out this fall anytime, so now MacBook Air’s too will come out in fall. This news makes sense that Apple thinks to sell new MacBook Air’s with next generation Mac OS X Lion, which makes the lesser chances of any errors and users should also become happy because they not have to perform upgrade task.

We have already got news from the sources that MacBook Air’s will feature Thunderbolt I/O with Sandy Bridge Processors, so with upgraded hardware, users will get next generation Mac OS X Lion, well the Mac OS X Lion’s Up-to-Date program, users will also get free OS updates but only those who purchases the new Mac’s between June 6, 2011 to the day when Apple kicks out final version of Mac OS X Lion. So its clear, if the news was not correct, users will also get free OS updates but only if they had purchased any OS.