Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

No More Siri On iPhone 4 / iPad 2 With Spire On iOS 5.1 Jailbreak

Roughly, a month ago, Apple released the new iOS 5.1 firmware update in the public, and it is reported that users have quickly adopted this iOS update and updated their devices to the latest iOS 5.1 firmware version, as expecting the jailbreak community will again bring the untethered jailbreak to exploit and all tweaks working back on the newer iOS 5.1 firmware version, but it seems that it not going to be happen this time, and users have to miss some of their most-wanted features with iOS 5.0.1. The iOS Hackers have already warned users not to update their device to the latest iOS 5.1 firmware version as there are no method downgrades it on the older iOS 5.0.1 firmware version but still many users ignore the warning and updated their devices to latest iOS firmware versions.


Spire For iOS 5.1
The iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak brings the lot of things to the jailbreak hackers, as Apple forgets to encrypt the iPhone 4S Siri files in the operating system and seeded the iOS firmware version without any kind of extra security, so the famous developers out there successfully able to generate such tweaks and plugins for the older iOS devices that allow them to port Siri into an iPhone 4 / iPad 2, and even on the iPhone 3GS. Chpwn released the famous tool Spire in Cydia that brings the Siri on older devices with iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, and reportedly, many users are currently using the Siri on older devices thanks to the chpwn jailbreak tweak, but it is now reported that in iOS 5.1, Apple has totally changed the way Siri request data from the Apple’s server, and encrypts the whole process.

The famous hacker Ryan Petrich told us that the new iOS 5.1 would not allow developers to create a new version of Spire, as it totally changes the work of Siri. It is also reported that users have to stay on iOS 5.0.1, until they have not figured out any trick to explode the Apple’s new security over the Siri protocol in iOS 5.1. The hacker reported that Spire would not be able to install on the iOS 5.1, and the Cydia will also block the installation of the tweak, as it is not compatible.

So if you are one of those, who have been using the Siri on your older devices on daily purpose and don’t want to lose Siri from your device, then stick to iOS 5.0.1, and do not update your device to the latest iOS 5.1 until they have noted announce any update to Spire for iOS 5.1.