Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

No More MacBook’s At The Genius Bar, Time For An iPad Shot

iPad one of the fastest growing tablet which is the world number one Tablet. All the other are always and are claimed the copy cats. When there were no iPad’s there were these fat tablets from which every one use to run off except the entrepreneur’s because they wanter something portable for their business but iPad did it all.

Apple due to this reason has announced that the Genius Bar will no more work on the MacBook’s because they are not going to hold it and move on so when every thing shifts to iPad they will be easily roaming around and will be much easier to help around the folks who are there.

9to5Mac claims

Apple replacing the stationary MacBook Pros with iPads for Genius Bar functions is a major move that will not only make the Genius’ job easier, but provide a much better experience for Apple’s customers that are looking for repairs and/or help from the Genius Bar. The MacBook Pros are stationary so they cannot be moved from the Genius Bar. The iPads are portable, so the tablets can allow Geniuses to essentially help customers anywhere in the store. This would open up space at the Genius Bar and allow repairs to be facilitated much more quickly.

So the next time you move in an Apple Store the iPads will be settled in the place of MacBook Pro’s.