Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

No iPhone 5 For This Summer, But An iPhone 4x

We were reporting and there were many speculations about the iPhone5 coming in the upcoming WWDC event which would be held from 5th June to 9th June this year in Summer.

The article over on Info World, written by Galen Gruman says:

“Don’t be surprised that there’s no iPhone 5 shown in June” as Apple has rationed their major redesigns to every 2 or 3 years whilst pushing out smaller yearly updates”.

Just as the iPhone 3G S followed the iPhone 3G, the 2010 iPod Touch followed the 2009 model with just minor changes, the 2010’s MacBook Pro followed the 2009 model with minor changes, and the 2010 MacBook Air’s major redesign came two years after the first version. Do you see the pattern? Apple’s stuck to it for years. (At least you can expect a major MacBook Pro redesign this year!

This is what we can reasonably expect in that iPhone 4X, based on Apple’s typical practice said by Galen Gruman.

  • It’ll be a little thinner and faster.
  • The home button may disappear or become virtual. Removing parts is an ongoing Apple activity. .
  • The GSM model used by AT&T in the United States will get the redesigned antenna from the Verizon version..
  • There could be a 64GB version. That would let the iPhone match the iPod Touch’s top capacity.
  • There could be a world-capable (CDMA plus GSM) model for CDMA carriers such as Verizon. The Verizon iPhone 4 has a dual-radio chip, but no slot for a GSM MicroSIM. The regular iPhone 4 has such a slot (it’s required for GSM devices), and it makes sense for Apple to consolidate the case and innards designs across the two radio standards.
  • An SD slot for transferring photos and perhaps other data.
  • Enhanced haptic response.A MicroUSB port. Apple has agreed to meet new EU regulations that make all mobile phones use the same power connector (MicroUSB), so it may bring that connector to the iPhone 4X.

Some of the expectations by him can be true and it can be the iPhone 4 S. If you have not forget, so after the launch of iPhone3G an iPhone3G S was launched. So we can expect an iPhone4 S or can be some thing cooler and improved design, and antenna issues must be fixed.

And about the Home button will be removed or virtualized can be true because Apple recently was testing Multi-touch Gestures on the upcoming iOS4.3betas. Lets hope they release that in the final iOS4.3.

So lets see what it will be. You can also tell us about what you want and what you think it will be..