Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

No iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Will Come This Fall With Dual Core Processor, HSPA+ (Report)

Well, there is a lot confusion heating up about the next gen iPhone of Apple. One hand we are getting part leaks of iPhone 5 from several sources and on other hand we are getting several anlayst reports which saying that next generation iPhone will be “iPhone 4S“, which would be just a upgrade version of iPhone 4 with Apple’s A5 processor chip. Just like some previous anlasis, today we got another report from the “industry check” by Jefferies anlayst Peter Misek.

The report from Misek is the same, but has some interesting points as well. Misek says next iPhone will be a iPhone 4S and it will includes only minor design and hardware changes i.e better camera, A5 dual-core processor and HSPA+ support. He also said that Apple wants to implement the 4G wireless chipset in iPhone 4S to support high speed wireless networks, but sadly the ships we’re not going to ready with in the time. So the next iPhone is just come up with minor changes. We have also heared before that Apple gave some iPhone 4 with A5 Chip to some developers.