Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

No iPad 3 To Come This Year, A6 Chip Will Come In 2012

After reporting about the Apple’s plan of hosting media event on September 7th to launch iOS 5 and may be iPhone 5, its time to put break on the rumor mill, which claims that Apple is preparing iPad 3 or iPad HD with higher specifications for this year launch. As we have seen in iPad 2 that Apple uses its A5 Chip and according to market analysts iPad 3 will must carry A6 chip, and for A6 development Apple to move their orders from Samsung to Taiwan  Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Today Taiwan Economic News claims that TSMC may begin trail production of the A6 processor chip for next generation iOS devices, earlier in the second quarter of 2012 and the design of the next generation chip will be set to publicly unveiled.  According to their source they also report that TSMC is now capable to handle the Apple’s shipment orders and more interested to work with them, in the few recent posts from other sources we have heard half news of it, which claims that Apple to move their orders from Samsung to other semiconductor manufacturers.

So what’s left? Don’t forget that Apple already clears that this year is a year of iPad 2, they announced this thing on their iPad 2 launch, and as we all know, we have not seen a single part leak of the rumored iPad 3 or iPad Pro. So it’s quite better to stop expecting that Apple will release next generation iPad later or earlier this year. Also the report is confirming that A6 Chip will come out in 2012, so it makes a lot of sense that Apple to release iPad 3 in 2012.