Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

No iPad 3 Launch By Apple In Macworld and CES 2012

Since the Digitimes has published its non-digesting report regarding the two iPad models set to launch in the 2012, and claims one of the new iPad model will launch in January 2012, during the Macworld/iWorld. It start making buzz in the rumor mill, and every got busy in finding out the clues to the report. However, the Taiwan-based publication also said in their report that Apple has been developing two different standard iPad models for 2012, the low-end and the higher-end model of iPad, which disturbs the whole media and added worries towards their sources.

After a couple of hours, finally the questionable report goes to the trash report. As the Jim Dalrympe of Loop’s comes up with its own sources research and commented that the today morning report is not true and according to his sources Apple will never attend the Macworld/iWord, and never prepared any product to launch or demoed it on the Macworld. In addition, he added that his sources surely claimed that Apple will also not going to launch or show anything on the CES 2012.

Jim has totally screwed the Digitimes today morning claim which suggests that Apple is preparing iPad 3 with double battery and display features, and planned to launch in January 2012. However, we also agree with Jim report, as he has really good track in revealing items in the past than Digitimes.

Jim Dalrymple, also claims that there will be no announcement of Apple TV (HDTV) in the upcoming two or three tech related functions that means Apple is not going to unfold the secret of their revolutionary Apple iTV on the Macworld and in CES 2012.