Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

“Enable 3G” Switch Off The Hook In iPhone 4S

On the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event Apple reviewed the iOS 5 and iCloud and released publicly it on October 12th as well the Find My Friends and Cards app for iDevices. As far as the hardware, Apple announced the inner updated iPhone 4S not outside but technically it runs the iOS 5. The iOS 5 basically has the Siri files and other but works different for each. The iOS 5 in iPhone 4S runs Siri and today another down feature shown up by Engadget, that the “Enable 3G” slider switch in Settings > General > Network was not founded in iPhone 4S. On the event Phil Schiller as said that not LTE but HSDPA was in iPhone 4S, technically and he declared it not to call a 4G device but later on it leaked that AT&T and Apple both are working on the iPhone 4S to show “4G” icon instead of “3G”.

Its not the LTE device declared yet but cant say anything. Further more, i had a case in which the credit was continually deceived without any using any app or store on an iPhone 4. I headed up for the Cellular Data to close it and after turning it off the 3G was still on but no 3G icon was up so u cant say anything that Apple would have noticed that kinda bug, but cant say as reported by Engadget, they also called the Apple store and they  said that they don’t have any idea about it…………