Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

No Baseband Unlock Scheduled For 16th Jan 2011 [Confirmed By Sherif Hashim]

Hey folks we told you before that it was said by Sherif Hashim that the unlock will come on 16th January and then the Heart Breaking Statement by Musclenerd today confirming that their will no unlock until iOS4.2.5 or iOS4.3 is released.

Now Sherif Hashim the person behind the Unlock also Tweeted that:

“well, for those who still ask about the 16th, @MuscleNerd has already spoken & seem that none read this on the blog”

Well this another very bad news for the people waiting for the unlock and were waiting eagerly for the this day to come true.

As you all have waited for months so if u wait for one month more so we can get a good thing. What do you people think? and many Jailbreaks also.