Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Nintendo WII 2 Expected to be in 3D (Rumor)

When announced, the 3DS created an instant buzz amongst fans and commentators impressed by the 3D capabilities. As things stand at the moment, Nintendo are really pinning their hopes on the new machine when it launches next spring to reverse the company’s short-term fortunes.
But Nintendo aren’t just in the handheld business. Although the original DS has sold almost twice as many units – a whopping 135 million – as their current home console, the Wii is still important to their strategy and still a major success. With 75 million Wii’s shipped, Nintendo remain 35 million consoles ahead of Microsoft, their nearest rival.
We know next to nothing about the successor to the Wii, but Nintendo have been teasing us for some time that their new project will be very different from the current Wii, and promising jaw dropping surprises to boot. Could this mean 3D?

When we hear about 3D technology, we have in mind that PS3 is providing it and to avail that you need to buy 3D glasses for that. Consequently, if the Wii 2 were to feature 3D as a big selling point, Nintendo would have two options, neither of which is especially attractive. They could wait for several years until 3DTV market penetration is widespread – losing the “wow” factor. Or, they could ship 3D screens with the new home console
So, whatever game-changing surprises Nintendo have in store for the Wii’s successor, the one thing we can rule out almost entirely is – somewhat ironically – 3D.

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