Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology Is Not Coming In Next iPhone 4S/5 (Report)

According to the earlier morning issued note by Bernstein, long rumored NFC technology is not coming up with the Apple’s next generation iPhone. We heard from several rumors that Apple going to include the NFC (Near field Communication) technology in next gen iPhone. NFC technology chip which allows you to share information wirelessly over short distances. NFC is technology is also using for well suited applications such as mobile payments and it’s currently being used in several markets but not a to much popular in the world.

Rumors send us back to the starting point, where we are again not confirmed that Apple going to include the NFC technology in next gen iPhone or going to skip it. The NFC technology is not much more popular and still many markets didn’t support this, so may be Apple will skip it and release it’s next generation iPhone in September as several rumored suggested us.


via Business Insider