Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Next iPod Touch To Be iPhone 4S With A Cellular Data Antenna?

This year Apple will be unveiling their next Gen iPhone in October. When we came across this news we also heard that Apple will be revealing two new iPhones this year. A part from the release of the iPhones, Next Gen iPod Touch was also rumored to be coming this year. No significant or legit news is found till now about these all of the things.

iPhone 4S was said to be of 8GB and low price model. It was also expected that iPhone 4S will give a hard time to other Mobile Companies. Now the Analyst claims that the iPhone 4S could be the next gen iPod Touch with A Cellular Data Antenna, could sell for $300 where as the production of the iPod Touch will cost $150. This was said by the Analyst of Wall Street Journal Analyst.

Although Apple hasn’t commented on its plans, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore writes the iPhone 4S would be Apple’s entry into the profitable prepaid market, giving the Cupertino, Calif. company access to 1 billion additional customers. He expects the device to follow the footprint of an 8GB iPod touch, which as a 38 percent margin.

The rumors are going to end really soon. Today Vodafone hinted towards the launch of Next Gen iPhone. Remember October is just a week away from today and many things are coming in October. So finally the rumors will end by October 4th when Apple will do its Press Conference and the world will be watching it. Hope to see you with the rest of the World.