Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Next iPhone May not get the name “iPhone 5”

The release dates are tentative, with no formal announcements. All that we have is a bunch of rumors and a plethora of speculations and yet the iPhone 5 has simply taken over the whole technology world and the number of rumors and speculations are going to be on a rise as the release date approaches, which is a speculation in itself.

In what have surged as the latest reports, the latest version of the iPhone might not be named as the iPhone 5 contrary to popular belief. Since this is not technically the 5th update or 5th version of the phone anyways, so the people at Apple are more likely to go for the name of simply ‘the new iPhone’. Since the phone is being hailed as the sixth generation device and some of its features, that are expected, definitely justify that tag , an indecision on the name of the flagship Apple phone is likely to continue until it is finally released in October, well hopefully.

Since it isn’t a 5th generation phone, nor does it work on 5G(which doesn’t exist anyways) and it is technically the 4th style of the phone, so the name being referred to as the iPhone 5 doesn’t make too much of a logic anyways, argue some of the speculators.

If we go by the trends, the new iPad was named as the third generation Ipad or the iPad 3rd gen. similarly the new phone must be named as the ‘new iPhone “ based on this logic. While if we were to base it off the iPhone 3G naming, it should be named as iPhone LTE.

Whatever, the name eventually turns out ; the phone is a hit already much ahead of its release.