Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

Next Generation’s iPhone Marvelous Concept – Pictures

Rumors, rumors and rumors flying out with no gurantee. Few days back we got to know that Apple’s gonna push out iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in the coming September while many random concepts of shape were leaked too but, Are you serious ?? Why should we believe anything without an assurance of Apple ?

Another concept shape for the next generation of iPhone was kicked out by “NAK Studio“. It’s a stunning look though it look’s particular to the Sony Ericsson’s Satio.

NAK Studio personally created this design getting inspired by the 6th Generation iPod Nano.

The specifications of the shape are listed below respectively

  1. Magnesium Alloy based body
  2. 4 ” Retina Display – 1100-by-730 Pixels (Same pixels of iPhone4/ iPod 4)
  3. 8 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash, HD Video recording
  4. The notifications with LED flash will be displayed at the right of the home button with the blue color indicator, indicating Mail, SMS, Calls & Battery Level.
  5. A4 Processor/Chip getting upgraded to A5 Processor/Chip for reliable speed and  3D games.
  6. Everyone’s familiar with the upcoming iOS 5 in this fall with 200 new features (2 Dev Beta’s released)

All the concept specs are fabulous thought the LED concept is marvelous, if it’s true all the smart phones will get a big beat against iPhone because it will be the ever first phone with LED indicator with shapes.

And after all now take a tour of the device’s shape completely

Source (GIZMODO)