Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Next Generation’s iPhone Case, Revealed – Thinner, Slim Design

Well if I am not wrong, yesterday a leak also said the same thing with a picture but today it’s an offense. The real picture of the cover was revealed up by 9to5Mac geeks today. Below is the pic of yesterdays leak..

And today..

According to yesterday’s report and many other’s… It’s said and been also seen that the next generations of iPhone is going to have a larger home button though an inner source claim to us that the upcoming iPhone is going to have a 1.2 GHz processor. Many mockups and concepts are being presented ans according to our sources… The next generation’s iPhone will be shipped in the last week of September.

After the image presented, one thing is sure that the next generations iPhone is going to be same as today’s iPod (4th Generation).

Reminding you guy’s it’s not the first leak of the cases for the next gen iPhone, there were many before and are going on. Below are some of the previous leak for iPhone’s next gen

So what do you say ?? 😛