Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Next Generation iPhone Back Cover Leaked [Photo]

Today Apple.pro published a possible back cover photo of iPhone 5 back.

The above picture is said to be of the back cover of the iPhone 5 and it is still unverified because in past same like this a case was revealed claiming to be the iPhone 5 case and later on it was pulled from the website.

Apple.pro also says that:

Of course now I can not verify the authenticity of this picture

But frankly, I personally think this picture should be PS Follow me last week to do the following diagramAuthenticity of unknown origin

Only few months are left in the revelation of iPhone 5 and so many rumours are hitting the web and to make fake pictures like this are easy to make.

Still it is very early to say if the picture is real or fake or iPhone 5 might got a separate flash light.