Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Next Generation Apple TV A Bit Away From Launch, Hints iOS 5.1 Beta

The references and codenames to the future unreleased devices have played a very important role in making rumors and new regarding the new device. Since the techies have found a reference to the Apple’s revolutionary TV in the Steve Jobs biography, every developer and research firm has started working on it to find out any clue regarding the Apple’s TV launch.

Recently, we have found a new product id reference for the iPad 2 in the latest released iOS 5. 1 beta to developers, and after the couple of minutes, the hackers just come again and speak out that there is a new codename as well inside the iOS 5.1 that represents the new model of Apple TV. It appears that Apple has started mentioning the new devices openly in the iOS 5.1 with their identifiers and references.

Last week, hackers found the new reference to the iPad 3 and this week, we have been reported that they got their hands on the Apple TV (3,1) codename as well in the iOS 5.1. The new Apple TV is present in the iOS with “J33” codename, as you can clearly see above in the image. Apple has rumored to refresh it’s Apple TV series with their newly introduced dual-core A5 processor, which adds the ability of playing 1080p playback in the device.

The mention of codename in the iOS represents that the device launch is near. The reference to the new Apple TV is discovered by the infamous iPhone hacker iH8Sn0w and 9to5mac.