Fri. May 27th, 2022

Newspapers & Magazines For iOS 5 Newsstand Start Appearing In The App Store

We have got all over 7 betas this time for iOS 5 and in all of them we didn’t have the Store for Newsstand and not in GM but a day before the iOS 5 public release Apple has started to push newspapers and magazines to the iOS 5 GM user at the App store. Full list of magazines or newspapers are not available till now but are getting uploaded plus some of the magazines such as “Wired, Popular Sciences” and many have arrived, the newspapers such as Daily Times have arrived too.

WWDC ’11 was on June 6 and Scott Forstall previewed the iOS 5 and said there will be 200 features and one of them he also reviewed was the Newsstand which will be like a newspaper reader and will be automatically updated every morning. We also got the first beta for iOS 5 on June 6th.The iOS 5 will be releasing tomorrow with all the 200 features.