Sat. May 21st, 2022

New York iPhone 4S User Sued Apple As Siri Sucks In Real-Time

We are not sure, whether you are satisfied with the new Siri service on iPhone 4S or not, but we can claim one thing most of the users are enjoying the service on their devices, instead they are helping a large number of developers in the preparation of different handy tools for the service to make it more helpful for the users. However, no doubt there are also a number of users who always found out themselves in trouble with a query to Siri; however, we know the Siri is not much intelligent, and lacks something in recognizing the worlds you have said her, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work.


It is reported that Apple has been recently targeted by a new lawsuit registered by one of the iPhone 4S users, who claimed that Apple is involved in the production of misleading commercials featuring Siri on its iPhone 4S, and tricking the world to purchase the iPhone 4S over the other iOS devices, while in the real-life the service won’t work quickly as such seen in the advertisement. A user from New York, registered a lawsuit against the company and seeking to be paid for damages, in short want to get the money back it wasted in the purchase of iPhone 4S, and wants the court to ban Apple on producing such misleading advertisements in the public that actually tricks the users to purchase your device over the other devices.

While, Apple has yet to comment on this issue publicly, but one thing is important there, is that Apple has already mentioned on its website clearly that Siri is a beta-testing project, and to improve its overall work, they have launched the service in the beta stage for the first time. Apple released the Siri publicly to improve its comprehensive work on the iOS devices, and wants to absorb more audio query data to bring more options on the device. However, now with the new lawsuit, Apple has been told by official securities that company has to appear in court to settle down this issue.