Sat. May 21st, 2022

New Verizon iPad Runs On AT&T 3G Network With Micro-SIM

While many users have already gotten their new iPad from the Apple’ s Retail Stores today, but there are many  folks that have planned to receive a device from the carrier with a 4G LTE data-package. The 4G LTE networking is one of the biggest features of the new iPad, and many users elected this year to go with a 4G LTE device, along with normal Wi-Fi networking. However, it was announced by Apple that the new iPad will be available on both Verizon and AT&T’s GSM network, so the users were bit confused on which carrier’s iPad is beneficial or which not!

It appears that Verizon is going to beat the AT&T by larger numbers this year with its massive network ground of 4G LTE network in the country, and as well as the exclusive new compatibility of the new iPad issued by Verizon with other GSM network’s data-packages, which means that you can simply put the other’s GSM micro-Sim in your new iPad and can use the data-package on the new iPad. This feature is appeared to be really good for those who always travel across the world, and change their carrier’s time to time depends on their location. It is reported by a user over the forums that the new Verizon iPad allows him to use the AT&T’s data-package, as he puts its iPhone 4S micro-Sim into the new iPad, and set-up the AT&T APN settings on the new iPad.

He widely confirms that the Verizon iPad is capable of using other carrier’s data package, but only the lower bands not the latest 4G LTE network, but it is reported that the device can be used on international 3G networks, as he confirms the compatibility with AT&T’s 3G network on his new iPad. As stated by Apple on its website, the new Verizon iPad hardware is capable of support only the 700 Mhz band for the 4G LTE network, while the GSM version sold for use on AT&T’s network supports both the 700 MHz and 2100 MHz bands as used by that carrier.

So what do you think? Which iPad You Going To Get? Verizon or AT&T’s?