Sat. May 21st, 2022

New Trojan Lands In Mac OS X, Blocks The Anti Malware Feature

Folks, a month back we got to know that the Mac OS X has also being attacked by Trojan and it was for only some people plus as every one knows the Mac OS X is encrypted. Two Trojans were identified one was in the PDF file and the other was a pop up windows to install Flash Player is Mac OS X. These both were the Trojans which had yet attacked the Mac OS X and then Apple updated there malware tool but this time the hackers have gone a bit far which could be a hard time. Now the installation of Flash Player pops up and it will lead you too the disablement of Anti malware feature in Mac OS X. This is the refreshed version of the last malware which was identified back in August.

A security company, F-Secure claims

There’s something new brewing in Mac malware development (again).

Recent analysis has revealed to us that Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.C disables the automatic updater component of XProtect, Apple’s built-in OS X anti-malware application.

XProtectUpdater file gets over write by the malware file which will not update the anti malware system and the hackers can make a power full attack to enter the system. If you buy a new Mac and you want the Flash Player, so please visit Adobe’s website which is for sure trusted because downloading from untrusted site will lead you in to dissatisfaction plus a malware attack.