Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

ALERT: New Trojan In Android Records Your Phone Conversations

Another nightmare for android users comes up today, according to a report of CA Security researcher,  a new Trojan in Android is discovered that is capable of recording phone conversations. In past we have seen many Trojans in android that was capable of opening your personal files to the hackers, and gives them full complete access on your phone. The Trojan they discover in this week, records all of your phone call conversations in format of AMR, saves the file in SD card of phone.

In deep details of the new discovered Trojan, researcher notes that the saved file of your recorded phone calls can be uploaded to a server of hacker, without any knowledge of user. Researcher also claims that the malware can easily drops a “configuration file” of your phone, which contains key information about the remote server and the parameters. The CA Security firm, has also discovered a Trojan in the past, which can logs your incoming and outgoing calls