Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Working On Gorilla Glass 2 For iPhone 5, and New SmartCover For iPad

The reliable sources over the iLounge who has reported their self as providing legit rumors about the upcoming Apple products has just published a new report as claiming to be citing with a reliable source who told them that Apple is working on the two new products that is being used for its upcoming iOS devices. The iLounge source claimed that Apple is working a new iPad “SmartCover” for the iPad 3, and working on the new glass for iPhone 5.

iLounge guys have strong record track in the past on providing rumor reports about the upcoming devices, so we will weigh into their report. On the new “SmartCover”, the source claimed that Apple is about to developing a new smartcover for the iPad 3 that works similar to the older smartcover, but it will come in the shape of Incase Magazine Jacket, and will protect the iPad also from the back, as it works as a back cover for the iPad. However, the reports from retailers confirm us that there is no shortage from Apple on the deliveries of SmartCovers for the current iPad ahead of iPad 3 launch.


On the other side, the source has also claimed on that Apple is heavily engaged in the experiment of new glass technology for the special iPhone with aluminum back cover. The editor over iLounge claims that Apple is working with Corning’s newly introduced Gorilla Glass 2 for its next generation iPhone 5, the glass which was revealed at CES 2012 this year. The source also gives weight to the larger display screen on the newer iPhone.


iLounge Editor, is the person who has claimed earlier this year that Apple will power its new generation iPad with HD front-facing camera for the FaceTime, and moreover it will be slightly thicker than the older version.