Many of us already lose their hope on reading that the geohot, the intelligent Hacker behind the PS3 Metldr keys and the iPhone jailbreaker got sued by Sony. Geohot was used by Sony for jailbreaking their console on its firmware 3.55, currently there is no jailbreak tool which jailbreaks the PS3 new firmware 3.56. But there are some tools like 3.56 firmware spoofer, which help us in preventing the accidental upgrades from jailbroken firmware 3.55, but still don’t allow PSN access.

Mathieu Hervais, an another hacker which claims that he found an exploit on the new PS3 firmware 3.56+ which allows us to exploit metldr keys again, but the hacker fully refused that he will never release the exploit to the public, due to ongoing crackdowns by Sony against the PS3 hackers by filling lawsuits against the hackers. Recently, we reported that Sony granted to access the visitors logs of official web of George Hotz, and to acquire the IP’s of visitors.


Here is what the hacker posted over his twitter account:

I hesitated a lot before tweeting about it, but a bug allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and 3.56+. I don’t intent to ever unveil it.