Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

New Malware Found in Android Applications

Before Android was damaged by Mobile Spyware and now once again Android gets hit by Malware. Today more than 20 Malware Apps were detected by NetQuin according to macitynet.

The new Malware is named as Basebridge.

BaseBridge, NetQin says the Malware can be embedded in legitimate applications, and during the applications installation, the Malware prompts the user to upgrade. If the user chooses to upgrade, the Malware is installed on the Android device under the name “com.android.battery”. Then, another prompt would pop up to ask the user to restart the app to run it, and the Malware is formally activated upon restart.

The application which are rolling on the internet infected with Malware are:

  1. QQ Doudizhu,
  2. Voice SMS
  3. Drag Racing
  4. Trader
  5. Donkey Jump
  6. Jungle Monkey
  7. Gold Miner among others

If these Apps are installed and the Malware is activated, So the Malware enables three malicious services

  1. AdSmsService
  2. BridgeProvider
  3. PhoneService

To communicate with the controlled server, from which it will send SMS, Dial calls which will result in high fees for the user to pay off.

According to NetQuin:

auto dialing” generally refers to when malware that on an infected mobile device dials a number without the user’s knowledge. Malware often control mobile devices, using them to dial a designated number that may incur high fees in the process. NetQin said this is the first time an auto-dialing malware that causes fee deduction has spotted on Android devices, although similar software has been discovered on Symbian devices.

Even this year Google enabled the Remote Kill Switch to remove the Malicious Apps from the Market. But still growing number of Apps make their way through it.

If you are infected or not infected you must see here on how to stay safe and away from the Android Malicious Spywares and Malwares.