Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

New MacBook Pros To Carry Intel’s Ivy Bridge Integrated GPU Chips Over NVIDIA

Apple is rumored many times in the past few months for being involved in the production of new MacBook Pros for this year, with a completely revamped physical design along with some hardware upgrades to its predecessor models. The new MacBook Pros is appeared to be getting a redesign from Apple, which is going to be similar to the Apple’s MacBook Air series, in short the next-generation MacBook Pros will look like MacBook Air. It is now reported that Apple has already delayed the launch of new MacBook Pros multiple times due to the outages of the required hardware from the component providers, but this time it is reported that Apple is about to give a kick to its one of the sole component provider.

Apple is reportedly on the move with NVIDIA and Intel, and appeared to be kicking out NVIDIA from its supply chain by ditching its stand-alone GPU components from the MacBook Pros, and going to adopt the Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors with the integrated GPU processor from the Intel, yes we know it is pretty hard to believe, but for the moment, that is what we got from the sources over the supply chain. According to SemiAccurate, Apple has recently ditched NVIDIA’s next-generation Kepler graphics chip by huge numbers from its upcoming MacBook series, due to NVIDIA’s outage on the GPU chips for the MacBook Pros on the time.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are rumored to be making their way into the MacBook Pros with integrated graphic chips that would power the MacBook Pros to the next level with the higher number of shader counts on the display. It is also reported that the mid and low-range upcoming MacBook Pro models will not have a Kepler GPU from NVIDIA, instead will be powered by Intel’s integrated GPU processors.