Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

New MacBook Pro Clues On Apple’s Site

Last week after the iPhone 4S release, the rumors ended and it was bad isn’t but then we got one of the new MacBook pro to enter the market with the same dialysis as done with the iPhone 4S.. Yes, with the old shape but all new specs with in the new MacBook pro was said by folks.

Well, today 9to5Mac guys hooked over the Apple’s Website and they got some leaks of the new MacBook Pros because the refurbished MacBook pros are available and more stuff.

If you search “MacBook Pro” in the search tab of Apples site you will get the above list in which its mentioned “MacBook Pro Memory Model” shipping in November which means the next month Apple will start pushing unlocked iPhone 4S’s and new MacBook Pro’s.

And when you click any of them you get the beloved 404 error (Page Not Found). These links are for the MacBook Pro Memory Model

 But after wards it was identified that “Memory Model” could be the 4 years back URL for RAM of those old MacBook Pro’s but we can hope for a newer MacBook Pro, whats so odd in a hope ?