Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

New MacBook Air To Come “Late Next Week”, OS X Lion Too

Just another report comes out regarding the launch of new MacBook Air’s from the AllThingsD on the base of recent few rumors, which were circulating around the web from last week. In the new report they claimed that long awaited Apple’s MacBook Air to come later in next week, this claim of MacBook Air arrival is based on their several sources. They have also noted that announcement will be held on Thursday or Friday and the new MacBook Air’s will carries Thunderbolt technology, backlit keyboards and 128GB and 256GB storage option, same like we have heard in several rumors in some last rumors.


This things also comes up with the point that Apple may be release OS X Lion in the next week before the launch of new MacBook Air’s, because several rumor reports suggested that Apple to release OS X Lion at the same time or before the launch of new hardware.