Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

New iPhone To Future 3D Imagery Capturing iSight Camera Lens

The latest iPhone and iPad models are already carrying the stunning camera lens to add more real colors into your photography with iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has recently upgraded its iPhone and iPad series with 8 MegaPixel and 5 MegaPixel camera lens to give some more real results on the screen and called the new technology as iSight. The new iSight camera lens technology in the iOS devices is amazing, as many users are now actually using their iPhone cameras to capture lovely movements around them. We have seen many snaps on the internet taken with iPhone camera, and the result was so amazing.

It is now reported that Apple is working to expand its iSight technology to some 3D photography. It is reported that Apple is now experimenting on a new camera lens technology that could be able to recreate the 3D models of the scanned objects by using one or more integrated camera lens in the iOS devices. It seems that Apple is actually moving ahead to capture down the world in its iOS devices, and building up a camera lens that able to recreate scanned objects 3D models easily using advanced technology.

According to a new patent filling submitted today in the US Patent and Trademark Office database suggests that Apple is exploring some advanced 3D modeling camera lens technology, which could be able to work on both video and stills using the new-generation camera lens. As per the details on patent filling, the new system is based on the depth-detection sensors on the iOS devices to achieve the advertised goal on the iPhone and iPad. Apple could be using LIDAR, RADAR and laser camera lens that created stereo disparity maps in 3D imagery on the devices.  The new killer technology would be easily integrated with the current iSight camera lens technology on the iOS devices to capture 3D imagery videos and stills from your iPhone / iPad.

So what do you think about the 3D modeling with your iPhone? Is Apple going to make it in the iPhone 5?