Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

New iPad (3rd-Gen) Already Roaring At 5% Of Total iPad Traffic On Web

The new iPad is already entered in the market with some earlier news booming around the technology firms, but now it appears that the device is finally started appearing on the hands of the users with real proofs, at least foot prints on thousand different web-servers with in just two weeks. It is already clearly reported that the demand of the new iPad is very high, as the device carries the really awesome Retina Display and minds blowing 4G LTE networking capabilities. Every other user with the new device wants to play with it at least, right after getting the device from the Cupertino Company on this weekend. It is reported that Apple already sold more than a million iPads in a day, while facing the problem of short stock.

Apple clearly states on its announcement that the device will be offered through online pre-ordering service, and by going straight to the Apple Retail Store on the launch day, but the stock over the Apple Retail Store will be limited, as the demand of the device is very high among the users, therefore, they have pushed back the pre-orders shipping dates to few week’s backs, and let the users to wait for their devices to arrive on their home. While, on the other hand, it appears that users with their hands on the new iPad have started making buzzes around the internet with their new tablet. It is reported now that the new iPad is already accounted for 5% of total iPad traffic on the web, yes! The new iPad start achieving the goals within two days.

iPad 3 Web traffic

According to the report from the Advertising network Chitika, they have noticed the rise of the new iPad in the total iPad traffic utilization, and calculate that the new iPad is already whopping at 5% of all iPad traffic, right after the device launch.  The advertising network analyst believes that Apple has already shipped more than one million new iPad devices in the public across the nine different countries on the launch day, as the 5% of all iPad traffic is still a big value in the term of devices, and usage on the internet.

Apple is already expected by the analysts to be delivering its 100th million iPad this year anytime with the launch of this new iPad in the market. We will surely see a rise in the iPad sales this year, as the Apple is already facing massive demand for the device from the users across the world.