Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

New iPad Stock Arriving At Third Party Retailers, Including UK PC World

While just two days left in the official launch of the new generation iPad in the whole United States within the Apple’s Retail Stores, it is now reported that some big official third-party retailers also begin receiving their stocks of the new iPad from Apple ahead of the official launch of the device on Friday, March 16th. The strong sources over the Engadget has just reported the blog that Best Buy retail stores just start receiving the new iPad stock from the Apple in the United States. And to proof their claim, they pushed a quick snapshot of the several iPad boxes from the Apple at the Best Buy retail stores in the United States.


On the other hand, it is reported that some users around the world have just started getting their hands on the device, and as well as they have already started filling up the internet servers with their new-generation iPad browser mark. A day ago, we have published the quick benchmark report of the new iPad directly from the guys who got their hand on the new iPad, and now it is reported that the new iPad is carrying the doubled sized 1 GB of RAM.

However, it is reported by the other source that at least one PC World location in the United Kingdom is also going to receive the new iPad stock from the Apple, as it is believed that some location in UK has received the exclusive new iPad shipment boxes with the titled “Stacked up ready to go,” so obviously there are chances that UK folks can get their hands on the device from the store in the United Kingdom.