Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

New iPad Shipping Delays Start Recovering Back To Normal

The new iPad shipping dates have been slipped to 2-3 weeks right after the public announcement of the availability of the device by March 16th. Huge number of users pre-ordered the device from the Apple’s Online Store for the earlier shipments, but after few hours, it was reported that the new iPad delivery dates already slipped from actual dates to 2-3 weeks. But now, it is reported that after the public launch of the device across the first 10 countries through the Apple’s Retail Store with larger stock of the device in the stores, the shipping dates are now a bit recovered from the 2-3 weeks to 1-2 weeks, which means that Apple has already assigned someone at its stock inventory to quickly clear the hurdle.

It is reported that Apple has already sold more than 3 million new iPad units over the weekend in just 4 days, and the actual sales number of the new iPad is about to make a new record for the Company’s successful devices launch portfolio. Last year, we have seen a lot of demand for the iPad 2 on the launch date, and the devices go out of the stock right after the couple of hours, and the shipping dates slipped into months due to stock outage from the manufacturing partners to Apple across the China.

However, this year it appears that Apple has assigned a good number of folks over the shipment process and already prepares the huge number of stock for the newer iPad to easily handle the huge demand of the users for the new iPad, and already setting back the shipping dates to normal. Apple is already set to launch the device into some additional countries in this week, including the countries with larger markets. We have confirmed with our friends over the couple of local retail stores, and they reported that there is still new iPad stock available in the stores, and as well as people still present in the lines’ front of the retail stores.